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Based in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

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6th August 2014

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Cosmoludo is a connect the dots puzzle game with lots of surprises with lots of magic and strategy. It caters for a wide range of players, all the way from absolute beginners to pros. Do you want to relax and just play or try and survive for as long as possible? The game features an in-depth tutorial that is seemlessly intergrated into the casual game mode. It is FREE to download and try, and requires a one-off payment to unlock all of the features if you enjoy the game. Simple to learn: You connect the gems with your finger by dragging over them.


The game was designed in December 2013 to January 2014 over a period of a month. I had just released Novoludo, which gave me an insight into what it takes to make a game with a high level of quality. Novoludo went through several design changes as I was developing the game and I wanted to avoid this for Cosmoludo. I wanted a game that was both accessible to the casual players, that just want to relax, and enjoy the game, to people seeking a real challenge, where I take the same basic building blocks, but add ways to make it more challenging.


  • You gain magical energy to unleash powerful spells.
  • Each playthrough is completely unique, all of the missions are randomly generated
  • The game features a unique artistic style
  • Devise your own strategy and playstyle
  • Additional game modes can be unlocked by reaching a certain point in the game
  • Original soundtrack to accompany the game's theme with more than half an hour of original music
  • Smooth gameplay at 60 frames per second, or a 30 frames per second mode if you have an older device
  • Share your highscores, or brag about beating the harder game modes on twitter and on facebook
  • No ads, no annoyances, just pure gameplay.
  • Universal app for phones and tablets, but with special design considerations for the tablets to take advantage of the extra space
  • Can be purchased for iOS on the App Store and for Android via Google Play


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About Alfraprog Software

Alfraprog Software is the alias I use to make games. It is not a company yet. I am passionate about game design and development and also enjoy making the music for the games.

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Cosmoludo Credits

Alex Greenwood
Lead Game Designer and Lead Developer, Graphics, Music, Sound, Marketing

David Greenwood
My dad, helped with the design decisions, created the randomised level system (thanks dad)

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