Alfraprog Software
Based in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

Founding date:
July 1, 2009


Press / Business Contact:



9, rue du Faubourg

+352 621 517 858


Alfraprog Software is the alias I use to make games. It is not a company yet. I am passionate about game design and development and also enjoy making the music for the games.


Early history

I have played games since I was about 5 years old on an old BBC computer. At the age of 16, after many years playing all the games I could get my hands on, I started making levels for the game Thief and later on Half life. I was amazed what you could do. At 19, I decided that I would like nothing more than to learn how to make games. I embarked on the adventure to go abroad and study game development. After 5 years at Liverpool John Moores University and London City University I got a Master of Science in Computer Games Technology. I can't even explain what a roller coaster ride this was. It's thanks to my parents that I was able to get this far and they have always supported me and I love them both!


During my studies I made loads of silly little games with my fellow students, most of them never got finished. I used game maker to make a game called a drunk day out. I also worked on a game called line of sight where I made a top down shoot-em-up game that was a lot more work than I thought. It was written in DarkBasic. After graduating, I released my first game. It took 6 months of work and it is a game called Freedefeier (it's called fireworks in my native tongue, Luxembourgish). Available on the iPhone


I started a career in Luxembourg, as a programmer in the banking sector. It gave me some financial stability. I started working on a cross-platform game engine in my spare time in C++. I was keen to get better as a programmer and I learnt all about cross-platform development.

April 2013

I quit my banking job to make games full-time for a while. I created Novoludo, a unique take on the match 3 genre and a good project for me to get my feet wet

April 2014

I accepted a part-time job to work as a teacher for computing for adults to keep myself financially afloat

August 2014

I will release Cosmoludo, my next big milestone in my game development endevours



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    Team & Repeating Collaborators

    Alex Greenwood
    Designer, Developer, Graphics and Sound, web developer, Marketing

    My Dad helps me when I need it (sometimes I force him :)

    My girlfriend has to put up with me

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