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Having developed and released Novoludo on the App Store and on Amazon I thought I should tackle Samsung Apps as well.

So I was happy to get approved after my second attempt at Samsung Apps. The cool thing about them is that they send you a fully-blown video review if something isn’t working on one of their devices. Crazy cool.

The process was pretty easy, not too dissimilar to Amazon or the App Store, however knowing what devices to choose out of the 131 wasn’t easy at all and I had no idea what to add and what not to. There are all these different resolutions to choose from, and it doesn’t seem obvious at all. I eliminated (WQVGA) 240×320, (LQVGA) 240×320, 320×320, (HVGA) 320×480 and (LHVGA) 360×480. I’m not sure if all of them were necessary to be eliminated, but a 320×320 seems a very odd one to keep. It’s TINY.

Some of these resolutions suggest relatively old touch-screens, and I got feedback from Samsung that the game doesn’t even install properly on a G4. It complains about the lack of disk space. Secondly, I had a problem where the music wouldn’t stop on HVGA devices. Luckily I saw this thread:

Basically, it’s a bit of a weird issue that doesn’t always happen, and it can get you rejected from releasing your application, so not a nice thing to happen.

Finally, when I got the green light from Samsung I heard a lot of talk about 100% indie:

I like the initiative, because Samsung is upping the contributions to the developers up to 90% instead instead of 70% if you take part in it and fulfil the criteria. I should try and see if I can still be part of it retroactively, since I managed to get my app live before contacting them. Oh well, knowledge is power as they say. I will get in touch with them before my next game.

I know this is pretty technical, but I’m sure that I’ll be looking this up in the future for my next Samsung Apps release.

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By Alex Greenwood

Indie game developer

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