Start down the path of becoming a master puzzler through several game modes and hundreds of missions. Cosmoludo is a connect the dots puzzle game with lots of surprises. The game is easy to learn and provides hours of gameplay with great replayability.

Are you a casual player or are you looking for a challenge? You can do both in this game!

Do you want to relax and just play or try and survive for as long as possible?

You will be guided through the beginning of the game with an interactive tutorial.

Simple to learn: You connect the gems with your finger by dragging over them.

  1. You gain magical energy to unleash powerful spells
  2. Each playthrough is completely unique, all of the missions are randomly generated.
  3. The game features a unique artistic style
  4. Nice and crisp graphics with great magical effects with full retina support
  5. Devise your own strategy and playstyle
  6. Unique soundtrack to accompany the game's theme
 with more than half an hour of original music
  7. Smooth gameplay that will get you coming back for more
  8. Massive number of boards that are generated
  9. 3 additional game modes to unlock in the full game
  10. Learn to use a spellbook to choose from your array of spells
  11. What choices will you make? What spells will you decide to unlock?
  12. Share your highscores, or brag about beating the harder game modes on twitter and on facebook
  13. No ads, no annoyances, just pure gameplay

Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery ?

Will you get all the achievements?

You can only share your accomplishments and scores between chapters, or when you win or lose the game

Do you want to show off your scores or do you want to just relax and play through the casual game? Do you want to play with a limited number of lives? Can you handle the pressure of challenger mode? In challenger mode, you'll not only face harder missions, but you will also be playing against the clock!

Are you a fan of arcades? Do you want to find out how far you can get with only 1 life? Arcade mode has plenty of other surprises to offer that I won't spoil for you!

Will you be skilled enough to unlock mania mode and play a much more fast-paced game?

All of this awaits you if you get far enough into the game.

Give this game a try. The first two chapters are completely free to play. If you decide to buy the game, you can continue seemlessly where the free part of the game is over. No other in-app purchases will ever be required to continue playing. Only a one-time purchase necessary for your phone and your tablet.

I would be really thankful if you could rate this application 5 stars. You can use the heart-shaped "rate" button in the options menu!

This game is a one-man production, with my dad helping me out with the mission generator and with my friends helping me out with testing! Thanks guys!

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