Novoludo is now free

Hi readers, Novoludo, my first commercial game is now completely free. No in-app purchases and no adverts, nothing. It’s a great little game, and I hope you will enjoy it! It was my first game that I took super seriously, during the making, and my friends and family really enjoy playing it. In total, I sold about… Continue reading Novoludo is now free

The making of Cosmoludo

Cosmoludo Cosmoludo is my latest creation, and it has just been released on iPhone, iPad, android phones and android tablets (google play). It’s a free download, and then if you like it, you buy the full version as an in-app purchase allowing you to continue to play seamlessly. I’m old school, so I call that shareware. Apple… Continue reading The making of Cosmoludo

Novoludo strategy guide – reaching the million

Hi, So I thought I’d share my strategy how to get a good score in Novoludo. First, some explanations on terminology: Aligning 5 in a row or a column gives us a worm power up. For every 80 exploded tokens  a super star drops in.  Also, sometimes you get lucky, and you get one beforehand.… Continue reading Novoludo strategy guide – reaching the million

Adding another platform – Samsung Apps

Hi, Having developed and released Novoludo on the App Store and on Amazon I thought I should tackle Samsung Apps as well. So I was happy to get approved after my second attempt at Samsung Apps. The cool thing about them is that they send you a fully-blown video review if something isn’t working on… Continue reading Adding another platform – Samsung Apps

My first attempt at responsive design

Hi everyone, So the main homepage at is finally live. It is my first (trying to get it to look professional) stab at web development. It’s been a long struggle. I initially designed it only for the desktop, but then after talking to some friends, I realised that I should make it responsive, i.e.… Continue reading My first attempt at responsive design